Sunday, 14 January 2018

Weekly Progress Report 14/01/2018

Hi all

Another progress report. 

Hector has continued on with his Mechanicum project this week - he's washed and assembled 12 Myrmidons for the army and now he's almost ready for painting. Don't be surprised if there isn't much of an update next week as he'll be reorganising his bedroom ready to set up his paint station for airbrushing.

Kaelo, Aveinus and the gang from Age of Warhammer have been working on a massive world map for their Fantasy, non-linear campaign. You can see one of the planning sketches below and can expect to see an update on it in the not too distant future. They need one more set of Mighty Empire tiles, let us know if you have an unpainted set you want to get rid of!

Atia worked hard to finish the first Necromunda Zone Mortalis tile. More are on the worktable!

I myself have had a semi busy week with planning for my garage conversion. I needed to test the foundations where the old garage door is, to see if they would be suitable for building over. They are not. So a bit more planning but the work is nearing a start date now :)

Drake Seta

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hobby Christmas Gifts


I was reading the comments from our latest weekly progress report and saw that Simon would like to see what we got for Christmas. I thought this was a great idea and well, here we are:

These were a gift from my family for both Christmas and my birthday (I might have dropped a hint and a couple of links to Amazon... 😜). This is my first airbrush kit, I've never done it before but my intention is to at the very least start doing priming and basic base coating with this. It'll be nice to be not reliant on preferable weather to prime my models but instead do it whenever I like - particularly with how many models I need to prime for my latest project - the last thing I want is to wait for the weather to get warmer and drier, rush priming all the models in one go due to impatience and then find I've messed it up and need to strip the models and start again!

As for the rest of Christmas, just the usual really: socks, deodorant, chocolate and crazy amounts of food and cheer!

So yes, at least what I am looking forward to this year is learning how to use this airbrush, hopefully get competent at it and another hobby weapon to my arsenal.

Did you guys get anything interesting for Christmas this year? Some kits to compliment your existing army or to start a new one? Hobby related stuff like myself?

Until next time,

Hector Cephas

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Zone Mortalis: Coloured transfers added

Hi all

Been a fun night with transfers again, so I thought I would show you what I have done. 

This pic shows the clear transfer sheet and its effect over white quite well. 


A complicated transfer cut out and adhered separately. The white edges will be hidden with weathering shortly. 

A white stripe with a black transfer over the top. Weathering and touch ups will be applied at edges. 

Well I'm getting closer every day!

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Bad Moon Orks: Ork Boyz 2

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good break over the holidays, I'm back with another quick post to show you the second group of ten ork boyz that I finished just before Christmas. Unfortunately I won't have much more than completed units to show you until myself and Kaelo start our Ork vs Ultramarine campaign in the not too distant future.

We're currently trying to find a happy medium between the games we'd both like to play in the campaign along with how the campaign will actually work. We'd also like to give you an idea of what the campaign will look like so we're working on a way to present that here on the blog but in a way that isn't too complex and time consuming for us to do. Stay tuned more on that soon though!

So onto the boyz!

These feel like they took an age to paint but finally I have a full twenty completed! Both myself and Kaelo are pretty close to being able to field 500 points of painted models so that is the level we are going to start our campaign games.

I have actually completed 11 ork boyz in this batch so I can move the Ork Nob from the first set of boyz into a dedicated unit of five Ork Nobz which will be used as the body guard for my Ork Warboss. 

I have also realised that I haven't really put enough markings on both groups of the boyz armour plating. So I have decided to shave the raised areas off of the boyz helmets so I can add spikes or flames to the next batch to balance it out.

They do however have it on the tiny and probably useless armour on their backs! lol.

Not the best photo but it shows the full twenty in all their glory before they get shot to bits.

Due to a pretty productive christmas I have now completed ten Gretchin and I am half way through the Ork Nobz! so I should have them ready to show next time!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Weekly Progress Report 07/01/2018

Hi all

Another year (hopefully a better one) and our first week of progress. 

Hector has built all the skitarii sub-assemblies for his Mechanicum army. Next week he's going to get started on his Myrmidons.

Atia started the new year with some work on the Zone Mortalis - the finished tiles will look like this:

Aveinus has been working on his next troop choice for his orks. He'll be fielding some Grots so he can take his ork boyz in a bigger unit!

Kaelo, always one for creating himself extra work, has been finishing off his kitbashed Inceptors. As a fan of the rules but not really the aesthetic, he has used base Intercessor marines to create something which looks a bit closer to the old Assault marines. They will still play as Inceptors and are more of a preference for Kaelo than a whole rule change thing. Although, he would love to do his own Warscroll eventually.

As you may have seen, I have completed my Necromunda gang Mulieres Mortis. I would like to find some time this week to start writing some background fluff for them. 

Drake Seta

Maggotkin of Nurgle review

Hi all. 

We have been sent a Age of Sigmar Battletome to review. This time it is me reviewing the book mainly from a fluff and model bias as I really love the Nurgle range. 

It is another beautifully presented Book from Games Workshop with a gloss and matte cover. 


Throne! What a git! That is very grimdark!!! Yesss! 

The Visions of Decay section is grossly brilliant. The Great Unclean one is an awesome update from the previous resin model in my opinion. 

Thankfully the book also contains a section about how to paint your models, especially as Nurgle paint schemes can be very hit and miss when trying to do them right. 

The 3 different types of Heralds are a cool inclusion in my opinion, as you can never have enough characters. Poxbringers, Sloppity Bilepipers and Spoilpox Scriveners. 

Poxbringers are the standard Lieutenant type for Grandfather Nurgle. They lead their kin into battle with “gallows humour”. They have Eruptive Infestation, a spell that when cast can cause d3 mortal wounds. 

Sloppity Bilepipers are my favourite though. They are Plaguebearers which were infected with a form of comedic fever. The Bilepipers entertain the horde by telling jokes and singing songs. The contagion they carry can be so contagious that it literally splits the sides of humans etc as they laugh themselves to death. In game terms, they effect the bravery characteristic positively for any friend within 7” and negatively for any foe within 7”. 

Spoilpox Scriveners are the Maggotkin’s taskmasters. They ensure that the Plaguebearers keep count of their diseases. In game mechanics, it forces Plaguebearers within 7” to pull their weight better when it comes to making charge rolls. 

And to top it all off. This. This Tree is awesome!!!!

Drake Seta

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Open Day Necromunda Reveals

Hi all

Home now after a really good day. Was great to actually have an exclusive look at some products for a change. Usually GW doesn't show any previews so the Custodes were a really nice touch. As always, FW had some great stuff to show. From talking to a few individuals I worry for the future of HH as a line. Nobody seemed to know much about what is going on there, with the products on display today having been completed nearly a year ago - so I heard. Necromunda is booming though and looking amazing. Here are some pictures of the next 3 hired guns:

Apparently a lot of people are planning on using the gang boxes as Imperial Guard. Really cool idea! 

What do you think of the new models?


Vlka Fenryka upgrade packs!!!


We get some cool upgrades!

Grey Slayers


Lovely scheme too

Kaelo and Drake